Sisters of the Apocalypse Series:

BookMockMust Love Plague (Coming October 11, 2017)

BookMockMust Love Famine (in progress)


Must Love Death

BookMockMust Love War

Shades of Beckwell Series:

Frozen Star Series (space opera romance: Firefly meets Jane Austen)

Frozen Star: Book 1 (completed)

Frozen Star: Book 2 (in-progress)


Demon-slayer Series:

Magic has to survive. And the god of magic has a plan, a cat, and a lot of unsuspecting couples to make certain it does.

Demon-slayer’s Love Song (Completed)

Magic of an Ordinary Woman (Completed)

Hidden Magic (2014 Golden Heart® Finalist)

The Boar’s Hart (In-Progress)

Fenne & Lor’s story (Planned)

Ceara & Blaise’s story (Planned)

Math & Riley’s story (Planned)

 Sanctuary Series (contemporary paranormal romance)

Saving Sanctuary (completed)

Haunting Sanctuary (in-progress)


Dreams for Tomorrow Post-Apocalyptic Series (to find out more, visit my alter-ego,  E.B. Feir)

Surviving the apocalypse was hard enough, but finding love and the courage to fight for the future will be harder.

Hope (complete)

Courage (in progress)

Battle (in progress, title subject to change)